Step By Step: Insuring Valuables In Your Home

You may think that your Jackson, MS homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage for all your valuables in the event of a theft or home damage, but most basic policies only provide limited coverage – and possibly no coverage – for specific items that are damaged or stolen, including typically expensive possessions.   

For example, your homeowner’s policy may have a $1,000 to $1,500 amount of coverage for art or jewelry if the loss is due to theft. But if items valued at more than $2,000 are stolen from your home, you’ll only receive $500 to $1,000 from your policy to replace the stolen items.   

What Is An Insurance Rider? 

An insurance rider also called an insurance endorsement, can provide increased coverage to protect your valuable possessions. For an additional premium, this endorsement can offer you increased protection from theft or damage to high-end valuables like antiques, jewelry, computers, electronic equipment, collectibles, and artwork.  

Have Your Valuables Appraised 

Your possessions may be worth more than you think. To help you determine whether you need additional coverage, talk to your Newman Insurance Agency representative about coverage and consider having your valuables appraised. An appraisal will help you determine whether or not your current Jackson, MS homeowners insurance policy will cover the full value of your property. 

Create a Home Inventory 

In addition to having specific valuables appraised, it’s smart to take stock of your possessions by creating a home inventory. Take photographs of all your valuable properties, make a list of all items of value, and keep all your receipts and appraisals in a safe location – away from your home.  

Safeguard Your Personal Valuables 

If you have valuable items in your home, you need to ensure your homeowner’s insurance policy covers them in the event of a loss. Call your Newman Insurance Agency representative today to find out if your irreplaceable valuables are covered by your current homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Do You Need Comprehensive Insurance If You Are Financing Your Vehicle?

Owning a new vehicle is exciting and gives you a sense of achievement. Part of owning a new vehicle is taking care of the many obligations you have, including providing the proper amount of coverage to protect it from losses. If you are financing your vehicle, you may wonder if you have to have comprehensive insurance the entire time you are paying for your new vehicle.

Insurance And Financing

If you are financing your new vehicle, you will be required to provide full coverage insurance, including comprehensive, to protect their investment and yourself. You are required to have this type of coverage the entire time you are financing your vehicle. Consult the sales agent and the financing company to find out what limits of coverage you require before you begin shopping for your insurance policy. Always make sure you purchase your insurance before you leave the dealership. In some states, it is a law that you must carry full coverage insurance before leaving the lot. 

Finding The Right Coverage

If you are looking for full coverage insurance for your new vehicle, then you need to work with an insurance company that can anticipate your needs and recommend coverage that will adequately protect you from any financial losses or gaps in coverage. This is especially important if you have a luxury vehicle or you have especially high risks. If you live in or near the Jackson, MS area, you can count on Newman Insurance Agency to guide you through the process of selecting the right coverage and help you get the policy you need.

Don’t take chances with your new vehicle. Find the full coverage you need if you live in or near the Jackson, MS area with Newman Insurance Agency. We can work with you one on one and answer all of your questions. Stop by or call today for more information. 

Why Do You Need Personal and Commercial Insurance in Jackson, MS?

Just because you have insurance does not mean that you have the right kind of insurance for your situation. There is a vast difference between personal and commercial insurance, and you must understand these differences so that you can cover your needs.

There is nothing worse than buying an insurance policy and realizing that you do not have the correct kind of coverage when something happens. Here are the major differences between commercial and personal insurance that you should understand according to the state laws of Mississippi.

Personal Insurance in Mississippi

Your personal insurance is the more common type of insurance. Although 12% of people are completely uninsured in Mississippi, more of them have personal insurance than commercial insurance. Why? It applies to more situations.

You will need personal insurance to protect your personal well-being and the assets that you personally own. This includes your house, your car, furniture, boats, skis and other things like jewelry and heirlooms. Because these items are not owned by a business, they cannot be covered by commercial insurance.

Commercial Insurance in Mississippi

Under Mississippi law, you must have commercial insurance if you are engaged in commercial transportation. You should also think about having commercial insurance from the Newman Insurance Agency if you own a business in Jackson, MS.

For instance, the furniture that is in your business’ office would need to be covered by commercial insurance. If you have a retail space and an inventory, those things would need commercial insurance in order to be protected under state law.

The Newman Insurance Agency serves the area in and around Jackson, MS with personal and commercial insurance for all situations. Give Newman a call and let one of their established insurance experts help you determine the best insurance plan for your personal and business needs. 

What does home insurance policy cater for in Jackson MS?

Acquiring a home is a costly but worthy investment. But there is one thing that does not necessarily end there. A smart homeowner goes a notch further and purchases the homeowners’ insurance for the home as well. While insuring your home is not that cheap, Newman Insurance Agency in Jackson, MS will ensure you get the best policy for your situation today.

What a homeowner’s policy does

A homeowners’ insurance is a type of insurance for a property which covers the losses that the homeowner may incur to their home and the assets therein. The insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents that may happen in the home or on the property itself.

Not all types of damages are covered by the policy, and this begs the question, what exactly does homeowners insurance cover?

Top 5 Common Coverage Options For Homeowner’s Insurance in Jackson, MS

Protection for homes

The property or dwelling coverage pays for any repairs and home rebuilding when it gets damaged by an insured event such as windstorm or kitchen fire.

Medical coverage

The policy foots the medical bills and related expenses for your guests who get injured on your property, and sometimes those injured outside of your home. This, however, never covers the healthcare cost for you or your household members.

Your protection as well as other people

This liability coverage applies when someone gets injured or their property is damaged and you are to blame.

Extra Living Costs and Accommodations

When a covered loss makes it to where you cannot live in your home, this policy will foot for the additional living expenses for a period of up to 24 months while the repair work is in progress or rebuilding is being done.

Protection for your belongings

This insurance helps to replace your home’s personal belongings such as clothes, electronics, etc. when they get damaged, destroyed, or stolen.

The types of policies offered by the Newman Insurance Agency in Jackson, MS depend on the losses involved. The more the losses, the more expensive your coverage will be. Our insurance agents across Mississippi will guide you through choosing a coverage option that suits your needs. Our online rating tool offers quotes for home insurance and is available for you to use. Talk to us today for more information on a home insurance policy.


Car Insurance Online Versus In-Person, Which is Better?

If you’re the type of person in Jackson, MS who likes things just the way they are packaged from the start, no customization, no special circumstances, just a general design, then online insurance policies will probably serve you just fine. The problem is that most people do have a nuance or situation that doesn’t perfectly match a generic auto insurance policy. And when that happens, then there is a mismatch which could cause a coverage shortage when it’s needed the most, during an accident and related claim. This is one of the most important reasons why a person looking to change or obtain new auto insurance should take the time to work with an agent.

An expert agent like those at Newman Insurance Agency can go through all the details of a customer’s needs and match them up correctly with what is needed for the specific situation. An online sign up is only going to be able to follow a set form, a predetermined set of questions, and, depending on how those are answered, you get one of maybe three or four policies available. With Newman Insurance Agency, a customer gets access to a far wider array of products available on the auto insurance market due to their broker’s ability to work with different brands and packages.

There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the internet’s capability in Jackson, MS or elsewhere. However, like shoes, there are some things you definitely want to try on in person, and auto insurance is one of them. Give the folks at Newman Insurance Agency a call today to find out more.

Why You Need Commercial Insurance Before Opening Your Business

Opening your new business is most certainly an exciting experience. You’ve spent dozens of hours preparing your craft for this moment. You have a group of loyal friends and family who are ready to help your business get the exposure it needs. However, there may be one fatal flaw in your business that can be easily overlooked.

A lot of business owners overlook the importance of having commercial insurance for their business. Anything could happen at any time within your store that can create liability issues that will drain you financially. The Newman Insurance Agency is here to inform you on why you need commercial insurance for your business if you’re looking to open shop in Jackson, MS. Read on to educate yourself and to prepare yourself for potential liabilities.

Injury on Premises

If a customer becomes injured in your store, you are liable for medical damages. Commercial insurance helps cover potential costs that these situations may bring.

Property Protection

Your business can be damaged by many things. Whether it’s theft, fire, or structural damage, it can happen at almost any time. Having commercial insurance will help you deter the hefty repair costs these types of accidents can create.

Professional Liability Insurance

Commercial insurance can protect you if a customer becomes unhappy with the product or service that they have received. You will be covered if they decide to sue your business.

Protect Your Business at All Costs

Newman Insurance Agency understands the importance of protecting your business. It is your livelihood that supports your family and future. Don’t let it go unprotected. We service the Jackson, MS area with professional insurance services that help you get the protection you need. Contact us today to schedule your consultation so you can focus on building your business the way you want to.

Does Home Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

Every home insurance coverage is different. Typically, a home insurance policy offers a broad range of coverage for many forms of natural disasters like windstorms and lightning strikes. But, many plans also come with exclusions. 

Specific terms are normally listed on the policy document that limits or excludes protection against some risks. One of the most common natural disasters that are often excluded is flood insurance, particularly in high-risk areas.

You can get a reliable home insurance policy from an insurer like Newman Insurance Agency in Jackson, MS that protects your home from a wide range of natural disasters minus flood and earthquakes.

Breaking down-home insurance coverage

At Newman Insurance Agency, we provide specific details on your home insurance coverage. All our customers are advised to take time to review their policies with the help of an agent to ensure that they know what’s included and what isn’t.

In most cases, these are the protections insurers put in place:

  • Explosions are covered in most cases
  • Lightening and fire protection is put in place, and it generally covers the personal and dwelling property.
  • Windstorms are covered
  • Volcanic eruption losses may be covered
  • Hail storms are coverage for the damages they cause
  • Coverage for damage related to ice, snow, and sleek – the coverage may vary depending on the weight of these natural disasters.

In addition to the outlined natural disasters, many home insurance plans also offer protection from riots, falling objects, theft, damage caused by vehicles or aircraft, vandalism, accidental discharge from heating or plumping, and smoke damage.

Always read through the policy exclusions

Before you can sign up for coverage, it is essential to know the protection your insurer offers against natural disasters. Many policies won’t cover perils related to earthquakes, floods, landslides, mudslides, and sinkholes.

If these are the risks you need to protect yourself against, make sure you contact us at Newman Insurance Agency in Jackson, MS, and we will discuss how you can get a supplemental policy to protect against these risks.